My work as a therapist has primarily consisted of advocacy and counseling related to emotional trauma for 10 years. Throughout my years at various nonprofit agencies I was astonished at how many people, children and adults, are walking around with significant emotional trauma. I became earnest in learning effective methods that would actually heal and restore the mind-body connection for my clients. I was introduced to Rapid Resolution in 2014 and quickly became obsessed with improving my skills to clear emotional trauma. When you meet with me, I will assist you in using effect driven communication to shift problematic beliefs, thoughts, feelings or behaviors for the better. Where the problem has been is not with you, but rather within within the subconscious/primitive part of the mind (that is where stuff can get stuck). I am dedicated to healing emotional trauma for humanity. I train regularly under the instruction and mentorship of Dr. Jon Connelly, Ph.D, founder of Rapid Resolution Therapy®.